Retail Solutions

Design, develop, manufacture and private label

What can Aqua ChemPacs do?

  • We manufacture 39 unique product formulations with a variety of dilution sizes
    • We also have nearly unlimited variations of product formulas
  • We have:
    • 4 formulating tanks consisting of over 5,000 gallons of simultaneous mixing capacity
    • Over 13,000 gallons of formulated product in stock and ready to convert to ChemPacs
    • 12 custom stainless steel vertical form fill and seal machine to deliver the best water soluble pacs manufactured today
    • A chemist who creates, maintains and updates formulas
    • A graphics department that can create and print regulatory compliant private labels
    • The ONLY EPA Registered liquid disinfectant in a water-soluble pack
    • A wide variety of Green Seal certified products
    • Custom packaging and private label opportunities

Design and Develop Your Brand

Join the future of cleaning now!

  • Reusable bottles and sprayers
  • Never come in contact with chemical
  • Savings on shipping weight
  • Savings on truck cube space
  • Reduces plastics in landfills
  • No leaking or damage to shipping box



Choose Your Products

Aqua ChemPacs manufactures 26 unique product formulations with a variety of dilution sizes. We also have over 30 variations of product formulas. If we do not offer what you are looking for, submit a request below and we will look into it.


Build Your Configurations

We can offer a variety of packaging configurations. Choose your pac count, size and accessories and we will build your product to your specifications.


Add Your Logo and Branding

Style labels to your existing brand, or create a new one. Aqua  ChemPacs has an in-house graphics department that can help you every step of the way.


Launch Your Brand

Once your product is perfect, launch your brand. Market your new innovated technology and join the future of cleaning today.

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