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About us

Aqua ChemPacs is more than just another chemical manufacturing company; we are the industry leader in 100% dissolvable concentrated liquid chemical pacs. We strive to be the delivery system customers want and need by putting in place a product that eliminates excessive waste and spending. At the same time we provide a safe, sustainable product protecting our environment. Our reusable bottles in combination with our ChemPacs have prevented millions of plastic bottles from entering landfills and oceans.


An important mission of Aqua ChemPacs is to deliver a safe, sustainable product. It is essential to us to eliminate excessive waste and to avoid plastic from ending up in landfills and oceans. Every time an Aqua ChemPac bottle is reused that is one less bottle that is reaching a landfill.



Aqua ChemPacs offer products that eliminate excessive waster and spending.

Additional benefits include; color-coded ChemPacs, packaging and labeling with large product ID number ensure easy employee training and proper product selection, packaging in recloseable bags in box, jars and child resistant vials and color-coded, labeled, bottles and trigger sprayers are available for all quart dilution products

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