Hand Soap
Dispenser Pacs

Refillable, dissolvable, and highly concentrated.


Dissolvable 20-gram soap pacs

Rather than replacing a cartridge of 1,000mL to 1,500mL of premade hand soap, you simply drop in the 20-gram ChemPac, add water, close the lid, and shake.


How to use

  • Open dispenser using key.
  • Remove reusable cartridge from dispenser.
  • Remove cap from bottle and insert 1 ChemPac.
  • Fill bottle with water, replace cap and and gently shake side-to-side to mix.
  • Replace reusable cartridge into the dispenser.


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We understand that large retailers take their carbon footprints very seriously. You want to know that your supply chain is doing all it can to promote sustainable practices. 

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