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Traction Solutions Floor Finish is specially engineered to maximize slip resistance of commercial floors while maintaining a high level of appearance and durability. Traction Solutions Floor Finish is designed utilizing the most recent advances in polymer technology to provide a finish with outstanding slip resistance, durability and gloss. It is easy to apply and will dry to a high gloss without polishing or burnishing.
Step 1: Completely strip all old floor finish using Traction Solutions Floor Stripper (use as directed).
Step 2: Apply 1-2 coats of Traction Solutions Floor Finish to seal the floor. Allow to dry completely.
Step 3: Apply 3-4 coats of Traction Solutions Floor Finish in a full, even coats. Allow to dry completely. Do not dilute floor finish. Do not return unused finish to original container. Do not use on surfaces colder than 45 degrees F.
A. Maintain the floor with regular dust mopping and cleaning with Aqua ChemPacs Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner (changing solution often to avoid returning dirty residue to the floor). For optimal slip resistance, revitalize and burnish as needed with Traction Solutions Finish Restorer.
B. Periodic re-coating in high traffic areas is recommended to restore maximum slip resistance. Prepare the floor by cleaning with Aqua ChemPacs Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner (use as directed). Allow floor to dry. Apply Traction Solutions Floor Finish in a full, even coat. Allow to dry completely. Apply second coat in the same manner.


Product Specifications

5 Gallon Bag-In-Box

Item #1636

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Color: Milky White
Type: Acrylic Polymer
Form: Liquid
Solid Content: 20%
Scent: Mild Solvent/Polymer
Initial Gloss: High
pH: 7.5-8.5
Recoat Drying Time: Less than 30mins
Flash Point: None
Coverage: Approx. 2200 sq ft
Foam: None
Leveling: Excellent
Viscosity: Water Thin
Slip Coeffiecient: Meets SCOF and WDCOF Standards
Storage(Unopened): 1 Year @R.T.
Removability: Excellent
Biodegradability: Yes
Scuff Resistance: Very Good
Weight/Gal: 8.5lb
Detergent Resistant: Very Good


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